Smart Guitar for Training and Therapy
SolidWorks, ANSYS, Wire EDM, User Testing, Product Development 
One out of every five musicians loses his career because of a long-term injury. The smart guitar aims to train and enforce healthier playing habits through real-time force feedback to musicians. With an intricate system hidden in the fretboard, the instrument can sense 0~30N of force at 72 string-fret intersections and warn musicians when they are overstraining their hands. Read more >>
RC Car Race
SolidWorks, Waterjet, SLA, Injection Molding, Thermoforming
What happens when you put a team of graduate students to a childhood game? In this project we put what we've learned about manufacturing processes and systems into practice. 6 cars manufactured identically, battling against other teams on a race track with obstacles in a F1 style race - it's an ultimate test of engineering reliability.  Read more >>
Path Planning with Collision Avoidance

As part of a course project, I implemented a sampling-based path planner to plan collision-free movements of a UR5 robot. The simulation was performed in ROS with Rviz and the Moveit! Library and the algorithm was written in C++. The effectiveness of the algorithm is demonstrated through moving an end effector through the door of a car and reaching a position near the steering wheel. Read more >>



MATLAB vs. Plantsim:

Modeling a 3D Printing Line

additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is unique in its ability to create disparate parts at the same time with the same underlying process. This introduces complexities to cost attribution, batching strategy, and throughput not seen in conventional production lines. To investigate these implications we modeled a 3D printing line with MATLAB and PlantSim. Read More >>

Mechanical Properties of Parts Printed with SLA

additive manufacturing

Parts being additively manufactured are prone to variations due to a large number of process parameters. In this project we investigate how cure time and print orientation can affect the strength of SLA-printed parts using statistical methods.  Read More >>

Control Algorithms for the UR5


Three different control algorithms were implemented on the UR5 to perform a place-and-mark-with-intention task. Each algorithm is evaluated in terms of accuracy and speed. The kinematics formulation was done in Mathematica and the algorithms written in MATLAB with the ROS Toolbox. Read More >>


Reddit Hyperlink Network

data analysis

Hyperlinks on Reddit contains vast information on how online communities interact with each other. The network was analyzed using t-SNE, word2vec embeddings, correlation matrix and other data analysis methods. A close study on the public sentiment during the 2016 election is conducted. Read More >>

Digitizing Lecture Notes

computer vision

Scribbling down notes in class can be a distraction. By combining line segmentation, word segmentation and OCR for handwritten characters, we digitized lecture notes to make studying more efficient. 


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